PAYMENT THROUGH BANK TRANSFER : Customers from MOTORDROME TDM, do have the possibility to make payments through BANK TRANSFER choosing one of the bellow mentioned Bank institutions. Goods will be shipped to the customer after effective receipt of bank transfer :

1. NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE IBAN : GR 84 0110 2000 0000 2004 0072 710 Acc. nr. : 200/400727-10

2. ALPHA BANK IBAN : GR59 0140 1160 1160 0232 0005 746 Acc. nr : 11600 232000 5746

3. EUROBANK IBAN : GR 140260 3350 0002 1010 0779 269 Acc. nr. : 0026-0335-21-0100779269


Possible to make safe payments through PAYPAL page. After completing your order and by choosing way of payment PAYPAL, you will be guided to the PAYPAL SAFE PAGE where you can complete your order. MOTORDROME TDM does not keep any personal information from PAYPAL registering centres, neither has access to them.


You have the possibility to make your payment by receipt of the goods at your place. This is possible only for the Greek territory. Payment by receipt can be done only in Cash.


All VIVA WALLET payments can be done through the safe page of VIVA WALLET.com. After completing your order and by choosing way of payment VIVAWALLET, you will be guided to the VIVAWALLET SAFE PAGE where you can complete your order. MOTORDROME TDM does not keep any personal information from VIVA WALLET registering centers, neither has access to them.


MOTORDROME TDM has the possibility to make shipments, all over the world.

Delivery time:

All shipments are scheduled for the same day of the order latest the next one (depends from the availability of the ordered part). In case order cannot be executed due to unpredictable reasons (strikes, hard weather conditions etc) you will be immediately informed by telephone or email so you can decide if order will still be valid or not.

Shipment cost:

Cost for shipment within Athens-Gr is not charged. Within the Greek territory, outside of Athens, approximately parcel cost is 3,-euro. For shipments outside Greece, concerning EBAY orders freight cost is mentioned, concerning individual or site orders freight cost will be fixed after having exactly dimensions and weights of the parcel.

Way of shipment :

Gratis pick-up of goods from our company : MOTORDROME TDM , Aghias Sofias –Thesi Miliadista- Aspropyrgos Attikis – Tel. 00-30-210 5596681-3

All deliveries within Athens region is done from our delivery vans. Outside the Athens region will be done through cooperated freighters (within 24 hours). We do not use courier companies because of the big volume of the goods.


Each order must be followed by a confirmation email or telephone call, besides EBAY orders.


Annulation of order will be accepted only during the moment that order has not been shipped or issue of delivery note. Can be done, through email or telephone.

You have always the possibility to follow up your order through a telephone call or email.


Returns can be accepted only by condition that to be returned goods are at the same condition with the one by receipt unopened packaging followed by the related invoice or sales document.

Please check carefully the goods before unpacking for any breakage or default or wrong code delivery.


MOTORDROMETDM.com as internet platform for exposing and handling of goods through the internet site of MOTORDROME with head offices in Aspropyrgos- Elefsina, tel. 00-30-2105596681-3, FAX – 0030-2105593965, email: info@motordrometdm.com.

You are advised before making any use of our internet services at our E-shop, to read carefully bellow mentioned conditions and regulations, related with the use of an E-shop.

Any use or access from your side to any material used at our site is regulated from the present conditions and regulations.

The moment that you will decide to visit and make use of our site the same moment you accept that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of this site.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise indicated, the content of this site (including all images, information, graphics and material, referred to as "Content") is owned or licensed by Motordrome TDM and is protected by copyright, trade mark and common law rights. The Content cannot be used, copied, licensed or sub-licensed without Motordrome TDM express consent. Permission is granted for the downloading of images, graphics and other Content where specifically provided for in the site. General users are not authorized to use any Content downloaded from this site for other than personal, informational and non-commercial use without our express consent. Consent to download Content does not extend to copying, distributing, transmitting, reproducing, publishing, modifying or selling any Content.

Accuracy of Content

Motordrome TDM , works tirelessly to provide accurate information and publications in a timely manner. We must stress that the whole content of our web site is for information purposes only. Motordrome TDM offers no representations or warranties off any Content. In particular and without limitation, Motordrome TDM makes no representations as to the availability, quality or price of any products included in catalogues or otherwise referred to in the Content. All items not available immediately due to being out of stock, or being made to order will be notified and the customer will promptly asked to acknowledge and accept the waiting time before Motordrome TDM can process your purchase. Will not take any responsibility for inaccurate information, partname or number, year model. Some items may vary in color from the web shop pictures, through to different lights and angles .We will not review or changes our prices if a mistake has been made. Thanks for your understanding.

Liability and indemnity

Accessing and use of this site in any way and reliance on the Contents is done at the user’s discretion and risk. You hereby agree that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system, loss of data or other harm that results from such use. Motordrome TDM  (and its related companies, directors, officers, employees, consultants and agents) makes no warranties or representations about the Content and accepts no liability or responsibility for any damage or loss arising in any way, directly or indirectly, from use of this site or use of or reliance on the Content, including as a result of Motordrome TDM  negligence or default. By accessing this site you hereby agree to indemnify and forever hold harmless Motordrome TDM  (and its related companies, directors, officers, employees, consultants and agents) from all or any loss, costs, claims, liability or responsibility which may arise in any way by you or any third party as a result of your use of the site or Content. The exclusions and limitations in these conditions are made to the maximum extent permitted by law, and where the law does not permit exclusion is limited to the extent permitted by law.

Amendments to terms and conditions

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Motordrome TDM  will not be held responsible for any links to other websites or for displaying other websites contents .It is the user responsibility to assess the use for any such content or information at their absolute discretion and risk.


If you have any complaints, queries, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at info@motordrometdm.com. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you the best way possible, in a swift and polite manner.


MOTORDROME TDM keeps always the right to change at any moment the prices of her products. Of course already shipped orders will not be affected, as price has been accepted from the seller. You have the possibility to choose the kind of the document which will be issued, choice which can be done through our specified field in our site.

Order will be considered as confirmed only by receipt of return written confirmation of the seller for acceptance of the order. Please take under consideration, that MOTORDROME TDM keeps the right, to retract an order without any reason or pre-warning. In this case, client will be refunded.


The owner of this website is MOTORDROMETDM.com trading as motordrometdm.com . By accessing and using this website (the site) you accept these terms and conditions of use.

We are extremely cautious when it comes to protecting your privacy. We will only exploit the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998).The information we access about you are minimal and have for only purpose to assist you as well as you can while you are using our services. You will probably receive email from us, unless you have stated otherwise. Due to the nature of our business we will use some of your details as we might need to be in contact with you, for example: your name, address, phone number and email address. Any other private information will not be used or saved by us, nor will your credit card details. You are free to request to modify or remove you details at any time after you have used our services. Any details we have collected about you will be updated and checked for accuracy, if you have any questions about the information we do hold please feel free to email us at: info@motordrometdm.com

The personal information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law. We might in the future use a technology that will allow us to understand and learn about our customer in order to satisfy their need and provide an excellent service.

Please contact us at: info@motordrometdm.com

If you have any questions, concerns or requests.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer financial details with any 3rd parties.


For your entrance at our E-Shop Motordrome please use the two codes: USERNAME and your personal PASSWORD.

By the present document is stated clearly the existence of the right of access and the right of objection against article 12 and 13 from the law N.2472/1997. We state clearly that only authorized personnel have access to this information and this only for serving the execution of the orders related.

Motordrome, is committed by the present, that will never publish or give to 3rd persons any of this information without written confirmation from the directly related person.

All personal information used at this E-shop under the brand name MOTORDROME are used exclusively from Motordrome and the directly related cooperated companies with the target of fulfilling and complete given orders.

All corresponded information between client and Motordrome will be kept by Motordrome.

Client has always the right to have access to them.

Greek courts are in charge in case of any dispute. For Greek territory are charged the courts of PIREAUS.






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