Company Profile

Company Profile

It has been more than 30 years now since we started to manufacture products that aim to improve the aerodynamic performance and aesthetic design of cars and motorcycles. Having this experience, and by constantly investing in our manufacturing system and new technologies, we are able to evaluate, design, implement and produce high added value products and services for our customers.

Our manufacturing capabilities cover a broad spectrum of activities, starting from the design and manufacture of a mold to the production of the final product. In this respect, we can offer both mass production and customized solutions and thereby successfully meet the needs of the market.

This is reflected in the appreciation and value that our customers in the Greek as well as the European and Russian markets place in us. We will continue to improve and thereby effectuate projects that are innovative, of high quality, competitive, affordable and highly valued by you.
By Motordome

Since October 2004, our processes abide by the ISO 9001-2015 Certification System. Having lots of years of experience in tuning, our company has now expanded its operations and undertakes projects not only for the Greek but also for the demanding markets of Europe.

Our products stand out for their unique design and high quality. In this sense, it is worth mentioning the main stages of our manufacturing process:

1. Design

We are continually investing in new technologies such as new generation design programs (CAD) as well as high-resolution (Laser) scanning and measuring machines. We have the ability to measure surfaces of cars and motorcycles with absolute precision and design products of high quality that will improve the aesthetics and aerodynamic performance of a vehicle.

2. Mold production

We manufacture our molds in a C.N.C. Processing Center. The molds are made of solid aluminum, which ensures quality and durability in case of mass production processes.

3. Production

We manufacture airfoils from Hard Polyurethane and various body spoilers (Side skirts, front and rear Spoilers, Bumpers, Eyebrows, Bonnet Vents, etc.) from ABS plastic.

For the production of the Polyurethane products, we use High Pressure Pumps which have high production capacity.

For our ABS products, we use thermoforming machines that are fully automated and able to process different kinds of plastic as well as produce hundreds of products per day. As a company we are environmental friendly and therefore the scrap from the production process of our products is delivered in specialized recycling units.

We can also produce a wide range of polyester products (such as Bumpers, Spoilers, Side skirts, etc.)

By fully utilizing the knowledge and experience of so many decades, we have the ability to be autonomous, flexible and constantly evolving.






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