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MD's Personal Message

Dear Sir/Madam

I personally want to welcome and thank you for visiting our company?s web-site. With this message I am aiming to transfer our company?s philosophy since we are moving towards a new era.

Motodrome was established 30 years ago and through extraordinary passion and hard work managed to become an important player in car?s aerodynamic parts industry. All these years we invested in state-of-the-art technology, processes as well as training and development of a skilled labor. Guided by our principle that a company exists for producing value for not only its customers but also the whole society, we strived all these years for continuous improvement of our operations.

Our practices have served company?s aim all these years. However, in Motordrome we realized that the contemporary, as well as the future environment, requires further evolvement. Therefore, despite the adverse Greek economic conditions, we continue to invest in new product introduction cycles and processes? improvement. At the same time we invested in new knowledge through the employment of an academic student of known European university. In the future we aim to establish a company which will be dominated by the principles of Excellence. This established our vision and we already initiated practices of Total Quality Management in our company. It is our belief that we will be able to achieve balanced results with the aim of adding value for generally our stakeholders and more specifically for our customers.

In this effort our inspiration is our company?s acknowledgement by the market. This is what we serve and this is what provides us with the vision and the power to keep up our efforts during the long journey that we have chosen. My best Regards

Kitsos Dimitis