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Company Profile


For over 25 years we have been activeley involved with the aerodynamics and aesthetic improvement of the car. In our new production plant, we have established a modern factory that fullfils all the requirements, increasing productivity as well as providing you with the best products and services.
Since October 2004 we have ISO 9001-2008 certification which ensures our efforts all these years.
The biggest advantage of our products is their adaptation to the climatological changes of Greece, which means that they meet all the requirements set for a long-life guarrantee.
Having all these years of experience has enabled us to win the acceptance not only of the Greek market but also of other European countries, making exports to the some of the most difficult countries in Europe. We also develop products for well known car companies with their logo.
It is worth mentioning the different stages of our development in order to fully understand our working process.


With the latest technological equipment we can design a wide range of items with very high precision and aesthetic uniqueness. During the design process we make continuous analysis of the surfaces that are going to be put on the car, in order to improve not just how it will fit but its aerodynamic efficiency.

Mould construction

The most perfect and accurate way of constructing a model or a mould is done with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. Using CNC we construct the moulds in solid aluminium for increased quality and endurance in mass productions. Only a few factories in Europe construct their moulds with this process and this is because the cost of the investment is very high. When you can construct a perfect mould, then the next stage must be of relevant level.


The airwings are constructed from Hard Polyurethane and the Spoilers, Side Skirts, Light Brows and Bonnet vents from Plastic (ABS). One of the machines that we use for polyurethane production is High-Pressure, unique in Greece and has the ability to produce any quality or quantity of polyurethane.
When producing ABS we use two shaping machines that we have constructed. One of them is fully automated, for increased precision during the production process and with the ability to produce hundres of many different types of plastics every day.
Our knowledge and experience assures the ability to construct any machine or part we will need for the right production of our products. This establishes us as autonomous and flexible.